Cost and Premium Reduction – Car Insurance Tips

Timing is very important, Plan it well before the deadline

one of the starter for car insurance tips, You shall be surprised that something that simple and not so obvious can produce tangible results.

The protocol is that you will start getting reminder emails from insurance vendors regards the deadline of insurance. You can honour them and take it as the first action to look for alternatives.

It is quite possible that planning and getting insurance quotes well ahead of time save you a bit of money. In the end, they all add up.

Car Insurance Tips – Your Age plays a Role
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Noe that you can control or do anything about it, age is crucial how you are charged for your insurance protection. Some insurers will consider age more of a risk than others. Statistics count, hence younger people alongside older ones are deemed more of an incident risk than middle ages ones. Having said this, some insurers will charge less for the magic age factor and all you can do is try getting as many quotes as you conveniently can to figure out this saving.


Auto Insurance claims history

Insurance vendors love safe drivers, and they are rewarded immensely for their cautious and safe driving style.

We cannot stress it enough really; this is going to be by far the biggest factor.  Safer you drive over the years you will earn no claim bonuses and with each, your premiums will go down.  Just be that extra careful on the road and keep your eyes and ears open, and you will earn your gifts 😊

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Car Insurance Tips -Using a Dash Cam
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You can buy and install state of the art Dashcams these days which can record the series of events for the last many hours depending on the digital storage you put in. Declaring to the vendor that you have installed a Dash Cam is a move that will not go amiss. It will reduce your premium as well as provide evidence in case you had an accident that wasn’t your fault.


Parking overnight in the driveway

If you park your car in a private driveway, it will reduce the risk of vandalism and getting it hit by a stray or rogue driver. Declaring this fact to insurance vendors is proven to work to bring down your insurance premiums.

Car Insurance Tips – Your Registered Address
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This one can have a significant effect on your insurance costs. For example, all things considered and remains safe, insurance costs for one area or postcode would differ from others which would have taken on a different location or postcode. This being said, obviously, you wouldn’t sell your house and move just because you can save some on your car insurance. Nevertheless, it is something which is worth keeping in mind.


Increase your Excess/Deductible

Excess or deductible is the amount that is voluntarily paid by the policyholder in case of an accident. The general rule is more you agree to pay less your premium would be. You can increase it astronomically but that doesn’t mean that your insurance premium would fall to zero. The relation between these two is not a linear one hence some adjustment may be required to tailor the cost-benefit to your requirement.

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Improve your credit History

It’s all about chances, the likelihood of something happening, the statistics per se. It seems that it’s not relevant however the insurance vendors see a direct connection between your financial historical footprint and your risk assessment as a driver. Better the credit history, the more likely it is that you will be less of a risk for insurance companies.

Penalty Points/Driving record:
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This one out of all car insurace tips is obvious; most insurance companies would have access to your current driving records and penalty points. The more penalty points you incur more the premium is going to be, it’s as simple. In case you somehow manage to hide your driving offences either deliberate or y mistake, which shall come to light later on to your provider, will render your insurance cover void and null.


Make and Model of your Car

This one is a brainer, no one can dispute that car insurance cost for a Mercedes SUV is going to be higher than an economy Toyota family sedan car. We highly recommend that you take an approximate insurance quotation for the car you want to buy before you make the final payments. It would give you a good understanding of where you stand on your annual insurance costs.

Car Insurance Tips – Private Repairs for Small incidents

This is important that you understand that your claims history makes your premium go skyrocket. This isn’t only true for your current provider; it is generically true for all of them as they can all see your claim history.

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At times it is unavoidable to avoid filing a claim, especially when a third party is involved. There would be instances though when you can avoid filing a claim and do the repair personally. Example being minor vandalism or scratches or bumps which can be obtained in a number of different ways 😊 cost of repair would probably be slightly higher than mandatory  excess payment anyway, it would seem non-sensical to file a claim in this case, as you may risk incurring a hefty premium rise


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