Cost-Efficient Ideas on Auto Repair

You don’t need to be an expert on auto repair and maintenance to find good deals on your auto repair however little knowledge can go a long way.  We are going to discuss some points that can potentially save you some money while you are on a quest to find the best deal for your auto repair campaigns.

Trustworthy Reputable Repair ship is as good as gold
Trustworthy Reputable Repair ship is as good as gold 2

Easier said than done, this is probably the hardest and yet the most important part of the story. If you find yourself a good repairman, the majority of your job is done already. A good source of information would be colleagues, family and friends. Ask for recommendations. Internet is all good and savvy however word of mouth is still the best way to find trustworthy vendors and resources.

Search for neighbourhood shops that have some expertise in your make of vehicle, van, or pickup truck.


Dreaded read – Car User Manual

Dreaded read – Car User Manual 3

This would be your first course of action, read the manual. Minimum you need to read the information of regular and scheduled maintenance. If you venture further you will find basic information on troubleshooting minor issues and repairs.

Tip: has a good collection of local mechanics and handymen. It is quite a reputable business directory and has been there for some time now hence it’s quite mature and vendor feedback is quite reliable.

There are several types of auto repair shops. Some of them would be specialist only shops such as brakes, suspension, tyres etc. Most are general auto repair shops that would do most jobs. There is a clear distinction when it comes to bodywork and paint jobs, these are very specialist shops. While they may look like it, these are not everyday car repair shops.

There could be hints in the shop itself. Notice the tidiness of the shop and the general attitude of the staff if possible. You may start with a small repair job before you can assign them major repair work.

There are also national Garage franchises likes Halfords and Kwik fit. These tend to be more expensive than the independent ones and have fixed rates.


Cheaper Parts

Cheaper Parts 4

When it comes to car repair you want to save as much as possible on the car parts. It’s not always going to be possible to find cheaper parts however one can always give it a try. With Skyrocket inflation and Hi-Tech state-of-the-art cars, the cost of car parks in some instances goes

Beyond reach. in some cases, the repair of the car is going to outweigh the possible market value of the car which drives us to one natural conclusion, the car is written off. This is an outcome that we did not necessarily want to occur hanse evil looking to techniques one can use to save on buying expensive car parts.

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In most cases what happened says that you will deliver your car to the car mechanic who is going to be responsible for the car repair and he is going to buy the car parts as well and in most cases, this arrangement works. No, let’s look into 2. the types of car parts and what are the different options available.

There are two major types of car parts one of them is called aftermarket parts and another one is called OEM parts. The difference between them is quite major in the way that William parts are normally manufactured by the car manufacturer themselves where is the aftermarket parts are manufactured by third parties and day usually comply with a certain car or most car specifications.


There are differences in both types of parts and into aspects, one aspect this price-wise the aftermarket parts obviously are cheaper and the quality wise they are somehow similar to the quality of OEM parts. We’re not intending to start a detailed discussion into different kinds of parts however our intention here is to mention what are the different options available to you when you go for a major repair or even a minor repair and what are the different kinds of parts you can buy.

We suggest you speak to your garage or mechanic before the repair actually pecans and let them know your preferences and what type of replacement parts you want. A rather very interesting option that you like to mention here is the third option obviously and is going to be far cheaper than any of them is scrapyard no you may not visualise an idea as the greatest and it doesn’t sound very pretty but what these days you can source car parts from scrap yards and basically get them to ship to you directly and then you can ship them to your mechanic. In most cases you will see that these parts are functional obviously are used but they are functional and will work as a Replacement Part.

However, there is a trade-off you are replacing a part in a brand new car or a newish car you can buy new brand new replacement parts however if you are replacing car parts in a car which is somewhere around you know middle ages you can then probably compromise on the quality of the parts somehow because it comes to the Future price.

This especially applies to the body parts because the replacement body parts inside things side mirrors that doors can be really expensive if you buy them for them but they are really easy to source from scrap yards. We say that there is it to sort out may not be always easy to sort for a particular brand because obviously this has to be in their stock and the particular car has to be available in their stock so they can take off the parts on it.

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Moreover these days there are online comparison websites that will provide you access to different scrapyards you can put in your request and the scrapyard will look in the stock and contact you back and then it all you can all always almost negotiate a price as well.     is a good example of such recourse to online scrapyard resources.

Regular Car Services will prevent breakdowns ( Hopefully )

Regular Car Services will prevent breakdowns ( Hopefully ) 5

As they always say prevention is the best strategy. As we have mentioned above that familiarizing yourself with the car manual and the service schedule for your particular vehicle is a great idea. This will allow for regular maintenance of the car and pick up any possible faults that may happen between the services. Now you may think that it’s quite expensive to keep up the service schedule and pay for all these recurring charges however again there is a trade-off, skip service or two, you are risking a  major or minor breakdown. What can happen is car part which is one down such as your exhaust or maybe your brake disc or something else of that nature has one down between the services and it’s possible that you may have not noticed any dictation in the performance of the car until that time then it finally breaks down on a motorway and then you have to make that expensive call to the nearest garage to fix it at the price which they want. Having set this it is not a guarantee that servicing cars regularly will prevent all the possible contractors and repairs however is a good strategy.


Look for Warning Signs

We all hate this, there is this dreaded Engine fault warning light on the dashboard which suggests that there is something wrong with the engine. Now two things can happen that the car may not start at all, or the car can start in limp mode which really means that you can’t really drive it anywhere apart from dropping it at the nearest garage. There is one more possibility and it’s very tempting that the car starts and runs seemingly normal, and you think, alright this looks good and I can manage this for a few days and then a day goes by and then many days go by and eventually this turns out to be a major nightmare. What is really recommended and highly recommended with that is to take your car as soon as possible to the nearest garage when you see an engine warning light. They will read the code from the engine regarding the fault and let you know whether it’s safe to drive the car in this condition or whatever the outcome of the problem is. Don’t risk it.

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Do it yourself Repair and maintenance

Do it yourself Repair and maintenance 6

There are always some tasks that you can easily do with regards to your car repair and Maintenance. Make sure that all the lights are working.  You can always check the tyre for any bulges or any tears plus you can always check the tyres for tread depth. Always look after your windscreen wipers they are a very cheap part and can easily be changed by yourself. Under the hood make sure you keep an eye on coolant fluid, windscreen fluid, and engine oil. Especially that engine oil is a very important Factor in the equation as there may be a major or minor leak in your car. One thing that we always recommend that you check is to check out for any residual oil leaking oil spots wherever you park your car and that will tell you something about the health of the engine or if there is any oil leaking. Do not risk trying to drive your car with low engine oil it will destroy the engine forever.


Bodywork maintenance

Bodywork and paintwork are very tricky. Now, this is something that you cannot undertake by yourself because this requires very specialized tools and skillsets. You can always keep an eye on the car for any paint coming off or any scratches and bulges. Rust is also a major enemy which you really want to keep away from your car and it always follows the degradation of the paintwork so keeping an eye on the paintwork and body itself will pay dividends in the long run. Looking for any rust in undercarriage is quite difficult but if you can manage it that will be great. There are some cost-effective and cheap car ramps available from the likes of eBay which you can use to raise your car level which will mess which will help you and have a closer look at undercarriage for any possible rust or damage.


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