Car Insurance Tips – Cut down Premiums

How often do you think your car insurance deal delivers you the money value and protection which is worthwhile in terms of legality and incident contingency management? if you are caught doing that, you are not alone. Car insurance is a matter of legal obligation more than anything else, regardless of the situation whether you simply have essential third party insurance or have full auto inclusion, guarantee that you’re getting the most ideal arrangement. Let’s have a discussion on how we can buy the best value for money car insurance. The following are some points for saving money on vehicle protection costs.

Car Insurance Tips – Safe driving style Counts Car Insurance Tips – Cut down Premiums 1

Insurance companies love drivers who drive safely. That’s doesn’t mean to say that they don’t learn novice and young drivers, well, for reason that they pay the most premium and run the bread and butter for insurance giants. Pun aside, more no claim bonus you got under your belt, more and more discounted deals you are going to get. This isn’t rocket science; insurance companies see low-risk drivers as an asset and one that they love to keep. Remember though, to earn no claim discount, one must be named as the primary insured person on the policy. Any secondary drivers would not earn any no claims bonuses regardless of how safe and low-risk drivers they are.


Evaluation for Cost of Car Insurance

Come to think about it, car insurance prices differ for each of us. It would rely on loads of variables including your postcode, age and car model and make etc. it would be difficult to pin down all the details which certain vendors look for, as obviously these are confidential and would change for each of the insurance providers. However, we can always estimate those conditions and generalise them in such a way that we can establish an opinion of the general requirements.

According to moneysupermarket consumer data, the average cost of vehicle insurance in the UK  is around £400. Bear in mind this average would have massive variation in its input data which renders this number more or less meaningless.

It would be a worthwhile exercise to know the general cost of insurance for someone in your age group and in a similar area. Some of the comparison websites would allow you to take a cost estimate for a potential candidate car without buying it. is one of the places to start if you are looking for an insurance estimate.

While there are several factors you can control and prepare there are things and influences on insurance costs you cannot control such as inflation and a general rise in insurance costs due to fraudulent claims. Fraud and fake and staged accidents are one of the most common causes of rising insurance premiums as they create circumstances that cause the industry to incur additional legal and insurance claim costs which they just pass on to the customers.

Reduce insurance costs – Efficient methods Car Insurance Tips – Cut down Premiums 2

Bought your first car and going in the first time for insurance, it isn’t much you can do about it. you will have less control over your first insurance policy however there are things you can do over the years which will help you save more and more.

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Focus on the Road

As such, be a protected driver. This ought to be obvious, however in the present time of expanding in-vehicle interruptions, this bears referencing however much as could reasonably be expected. The more careful you are, the more likely it is that you will stay away from the mishaps, occasions that raise your protection rates.


Take advantage of Multiple-Car Discounts

it’s a common occurrence to have multiple cars in the household.  If that’s the case r it might be beneficial if you go with the same insurance company for all your cars. It might seem economical to have two individual cheaper car insurance policies, but there is no harm in getting a quotation from one of your existing insurance providers for your other cars.

Some insurance providers may have additional restrictions on ownership of multiple cars and who will be driving them, hence it’s quite possible that not all vendors will provide cover which is suitable. However, some insurance vendors specialise in these types of use cases and those will be the ones to approach.

Refresher Driving Course Car Insurance Tips – Cut down Premiums 3

Refresher and advanced driving courses are a great way to increase your capacity for driving and reduce costs for insurance.

Once you are on your way with a new insurance policy, keep an eye for any refresher driver course that may be on offer. These driving courses must be authentic and accredited by your insurance provider. if there is such an opportunity on the horizon enquire with your insurance provider if they can authenticate this driving course and able to offer you a discounted premium.

Even if these courses do not provide any monetary benefit, we still recommend you take them up as in the long run, they will increase your capacity to drive and give you some long term skills which will save you money and keep you safe in the long run.

Driveway, off-road or Garage

One of the questions while that comes up while assessing the risk, is regards where you keep your car overnight. It’s only natural that the vendor feels more secure if the car is kept in a private driveway or better yet, a garage. Regardless of the fact that insurers care about it, keeping cars away from street parking is just common sense as there is less likelihood of damage or vandalism overnight or during the daytime.

Search for Better Car Insurance Deals Car Insurance Tips – Cut down Premiums 4


It is all too easy to stay with the same insurance provider and let them renew the insurance every year. It is hassle-free and path of least resistance. You don’t have to worry about cost savings and the hassle of paperwork. However. It is worth noting that most insurers will increase the premiums without you even causing any accidents or claims. Stay with one insurer and you risk incurring more and more costly every year.

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Starting with a comparison site is always a good idea. There are several on the internet,,, but don’t stick to one site. Takes quotes from as many as you can as each vendor has a different set of arrangements with each comparison site. Make sure you pick all the right and necessary extras to keep the cost down and don’t go crazy on signing on all these benefits that you actually don’t need. Once you have the vendor estimate you are happy with you may call up your existing provider and try to negotiate down the cost of the renewal. There is nothing to lose in this strategy as you can always fall back on the estimate you like.

“Remember it is an open market you should take as much advantage of it as possible”

Work Hard on Your Credit Rating

A driver’s record is clearly a major factor in deciding accident coverage costs. All things considered, it’s a good idea that a driver who has been in a ton of incidents could cost the insurance agency a large chunk of change. In any case, people are here and there astonished to find that insurance agencies may likewise consider their credit scores while evaluating the cost.

The idea is if you are a responsible person and look after your financial matters and deal with them appropriately you will likely behave the same way while you drive and are less likely to be a liability to the service provider or vendor.

Whether or not that is valid, know that your credit score can be a factor in figuring insurance expenses, and try your best to keep it high.

There are various tools and organizations which offer free credit evolutions and scores. Take benefit of one of those or speak to your financial institutions who may be able to help.

Survey Your Coverage Car Insurance Tips – Cut down Premiums 5

There are three basic types of I insurance inclusions or coverage

  1. Third-party only where insurance pays for only other party damages, losses, and repairs
  2. Third-party fire and theft is similar to 1 however it coves you as well in case of fire and theft
  3. Fully comprehensive inclusion will cover you and another party for damages, losses and repairs.

Dropping particular sorts of inclusion can be an elusive trend. All things considered, it’s not possible for anyone to anticipate if or when a mishap will happen. In any case, in case you are driving an amazingly old car that is barely hanging on, it might work out well (contingent upon the expense, your driving record, and different variables) to drop full or complete inclusion cover.

You may decide to go for third party cover which only covers the cost of other parties in case you had some incident. However, this is only worth it for certain situations as explained with one example above, and care must be taken when deciding on the type of cover you are inclined to buy.

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Think about Location When Estimating Car Insurance Rates

Insurance costs do rely on the place where you live. This is based on crime and insurance claims historical records. More the vandalism, theft rate or claims in your place or area, the more the cost of insurance is going to be.

That being said, it is outside the realms of reality that you will move to a new place just in light of the fact that it has lower vehicle insurance costs. In any case, when arranging a move, the expected change in your vehicle protection rate is something you will need to factor into your spending plan.

One thing is very clear though the place or postcode you live will affect your vehicle insurance costs, although this is something you may not be always able to control as there are various factors involved which weigh far more than a mere vehicle insurance policy.


Scale down Your Vehicle Car Insurance Tips – Cut down Premiums 6

We all like to have the best nice shiny giant SUVs parked right on our driveways however choice of vehicle would have a serious impact on your insurance premiums. Unless you can afford those premiums, you need to pay attention to details of insurance costs for certain brands and makes.

We have already discussed in an earlier section that you can always take a prospective insurance quote on a car you have not bought. If you already have a car, it is not applicable however if you are planning to change your car, it might be worth looking a bit deeper into insurance costs.

Luxury and high-end vehicles come with higher insurance costs while standard family and economy cars will cost less, it’s as simple really.

“it might be worth to get an approximate quote for vehicle insurance costs for the desired cover for your intended target buy cars before you make the final decision”

Try to make a bigger contribution towards mandatory Excess or Deductible

While you are getting a quotation for insurance costs, you are asked to select a value you are willing to contribute towards accident repair costs if you are involved in one or claim one.  This is called mandatory excess or deductible and this amount will be used first in case of an incident reported.

Temptation is to choose the lowest possible value for this sum however going for a higher deductible or excess will reduce the costs of your premiums as insurance vendors see you taking some share of repairs.


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