Essential Car Tool Set Ideas For Car


If you are a handy DIY type person and intends to look after your own vehicles and don’t mind getting your hands dirty it’s time to put together a list of essential car toolset for the car. Obviously, as much as you love to, you cannot have all the tools in the world in the … Read more

Essential DIY Winter Car Checks


Car Tyres First and foremost, the most important thing in the winter checklist is vehicles tyres. Make sure that your car tyres are inadequate condition, with no tears and bulges. Especially that applies if you are in an area that gets a lot of snow or even if they’re a chance of snow makes sure … Read more

Everything You Want to Know About Hybrid Cars


Hybrid cars are a relatively new breed of cars that have started appearing in the market for the last decade or so. These cars have multiple sources of power i-e petrol or electric motor or both at the same time. There is a conventional petrol combustion engine combined with some electronics and a DC motor … Read more

Efficient DIY Cleaning – Car Wash Tips


We all like to see our cars shine and look great, well probably the majority of us 😊 We spent money and resources to get our automobiles clean and polished. Most times we end up in automated car washes and car ash centres which can provide good service at reasonable costs. Some of us choose … Read more

Electric Car Maintenance Tips


Conventional combustion or fossil fuel engine cars have tons of moving parts and complex timing mechanisms arranged in clockwork-like structures. It has taken a very long time for this combination of moving parts to mature and work reliably, as we know it today. Thanks to the innovation and research work, nowadays, conventional cars are generally … Read more

DIY Routine Car Maintenance Tips


Repair and maintaining your car are basic requirements which no one will disagree with. We all know all too well about the car repair trips to garages and how much they cost however it is much you can do to keep the repair cost to a minimum and keep your vehicle legitimate and roadworthy. Car … Read more

Car Buying Tips – How to Buy a Car in 2022


Car purchase can be a complicated and time taking process, not to mention risky as well. There is so much choice and persuasion out there that it is difficult to focus and set your mind on what you want, there is a lot that can go into buying a car, especially when you are buying … Read more

How to Car Care Tips – DIY Primer


1.1 How to Change the Engine Oil Many of us tend to think that checking car engine oil levels especially for modern cars is optional. That is not correct, oil levels can drop for many reasons – Minor Oil Leaks – Longer service breaks – Excessive oil consumption by Turbo Chargers or Engine How to … Read more