Keep Your Cool – Choosing the Right Caravan Fridge for Your Next Trip

Caravan Fridges – Selection and upkeep Information 1

As summer approaches, many of us are packing up our caravans and hitting the road for some much-needed R&R. And what’s a road trip without a fully-stocked fridge to keep us fed and refreshed along the way? But with so many options on the market, choosing the right caravan fridge can be overwhelming. Should you opt for a compressor or an absorption fridge? How much storage space do you really need? And what about power consumption? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll take a look at some key factors to consider when choosing the perfect caravan fridge for your next adventure. From size and style to a power source and features, we’ll help you keep your cool and make the right choice for your needs. So sit back, relax, and read on for our top tips on choosing the right caravan fridge for your next trip.

Caravan Fridges: 

During camping, a liberal-size refrigerator is what every traveler requires. Especially, if you are going with a large group of people or friends and that too specifically you have kids along. Kids have a lot of requirements and they require something to eat now and then, amidst this, a good caravan fridge could provide a good aid to this of your need. Although many travelers prefer ice boxes, that cannot be a good choice if the weather is too high and you have been for a long span. Here, you would definitely require a Caravan Fridge.

How does Caravan Fridge function? Caravan Fridges – Selection and upkeep Information 2

Broadly, Caravan Fridge comes into 2 types, i.e.,

  1. 3 Way Fridge
  2. 2 Way Fridge

3-Way Fridges or Absorption Fridges:

3 Way or Absorption Fridges are available in the market with 3 fuel varieties. Consumers have power choices varying as 240 volts, 12 volts, and Gas. These fuels carve the possibility of carrying a Caravan Fridge at any period of time and at any corner of the world. 240 volts fridges mainly deal at any caravan park whereas 12-volt fridges can be carried into cars or buses while traveling on the road. Gas fridges are mainly preferred when the trip has been extended to a week or longer period.

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Salient Features and Merits of Absorption Fridges:

  • Effortless maintenance.
  • Highly mobile.
  • Wear and tear-resistant.
  • No complicated operation.
  • Comes in a variety, viz., 240, 12 volt, and Gas.


2 Way Fridges or Compressor Fridges:

2 Way or Compressor Fridges are similar to the fridge you have at your home. 2 Way Fridges are highly preferred caravan fridges, as it has the ability to cool down faster compared to gas or 3-way caravan fridges.

If we look into the technical aspect, compressor fridges run at a comparatively lower voltage than absorption fridges. The lower voltage varies. 12 volts to 24 volts. This usually requires deep-cycle camping generators or batteries from your car or any vehicle to acquire energy up to 12 volts.

However, we can also expect compressor fridges to work up to 240 volts of power if attached to the installed transformer to match the compressor already with a lower voltage. Transformers are generally sold separately in the market but technology has its evolution and as a result, caravan fridges with inbuilt transformers are also available.

One of the biggest boons the 2-way fridges dwell in their pocket is that they function accurately on any of the surfaces. Be it uneven platforms or plain grounds, the operational quality remains ineffective in comparison to gas or other absorption fridges. And this again makes 2 Way Fridges as highly preferred caravan fridges in the market.

Salient Features and Merits of Compressor Fridges:

  • Lower power consumption than domestic fridges.
  • Functions are more efficient than absorption fridges.
  • Able to function of the battery
  • Capable of freezing till lower temperatures.
  • Functions comparatively better on uneven surfaces too.

Upkeep Information about Caravan Fridges:

Caravan Fridges – Selection and upkeep Information 3

Above are the varieties in which caravan fridges are available out in the market. But electrical appliances are easy to purchase yet a bit tricky to maintain. Yet, not to worry because maintaining them would require a basic knowledge regarding it and certain tips and guidance would make it happen.

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1.     Prior to setting off:

It is always advisable to keep the refrigerator pre-cool and it is easier in the application too. All you need to do is, to keep some non-perishable food items in the fridge it could even be mineral water bottles or even cold drinks or something similar. This will initiate the procedure of the fridge of cooling and within 2-3 hours, will reach a stable temperature. After this, before leaving for the journey, you can put all the perishable food items into it by replacing them with what you already kept. You need to be careful of not to put so many food items into the refrigerator and keep some space in it.

Being done with it, double-check the door and shut it properly before leaving. And now, the temperature could be set to 12 volts.

2.     On-road – 12 volts:

While on-road, 12 volts is the preferred power rail and this will function only with the assistance of the battery of the towing vehicle or the vehicle, the fridge is carried into. This delivers the same quality of temperature as the gas or domestic refrigerator.

3.     After reaching the destination – 240V AC:

Voltage power may vary from place to place. Temperature conditions may vary as per the destination you have been to. If you are in a crowded place, if you are connected to available public AC outlets, you may face a power drop lowering to 190 volts which affects the functionality of the refrigerators. But not to worry, caravan fridges provide you with the facility to switch to gas mode. Doing this will improve the quality and will keep the refrigerator in its function.

4.     Switching to Gas:

Caravan fridges work on both the LPG assistance but it is highly important to maintain the gas pressure throughout. The gas pressure shown on the data plate should always remain in correspondence with your gas regulator.

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5.     Ship or Ferry crossings:

If you are traveling for 2-3 hours on the ship or doing any other ferry crossings, your food items need to remain adequately cool for that particular span while the refrigerator is detached from any power sources. If you are going on a long journey, it is not at all advisable to carry a lot of pre-packed food. It will be better to purchase fresh food after reaching the destination.

However, keeping food items pre-freeze for certain hours is preferable if kept well packed. A well-packed fridge with rare air spaces will ultimately provide you with good results. Processed or cooked meals and food items like bread or milk are better kept in the fridge and for better performance, it is advisable to not open the door frequently.

6.     Between the trips:

It is highly advisable to wash and clean the caravan fridges during the trips. Many times, certain food items leave a strong smell or some liquid substance falls off into the fridge compartments which result in unhygienic condition if not treated within time. Cleaning it with lower lukewarm water and bicarbonate soda with the assistance of a soft cloth will eradicate this problem.

Caravan Fridges – Selection and upkeep Information 4




  • While on the caravan, the refrigerator should be kept properly shut and in a stable position.
  • Ventilation is something one should pay attention to.
  • Cover changes as per the weather conditions are highly advisable.


Caravan fridges like any other refrigerator, electrical appliances, or gas-operated appliances can be serviced. Rather, they must get serviced within particular intervals in order to get their optimum performance. The servicing should be done via qualified and trained service providers eradicating any inconvenience it would cause.





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