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15 Tips on Caravan Appliances and Safe Electricals

Caravanning no longer has to include difficult days of fending some beef jerky from the pantry. Kitchen appliances, cookers, refrigerators, TVs, and other electrical gadgets can be brought along on vacation to make it more enjoyable. But watch out! In caravans and tents, electricity must be handled with great care. So here are 15 tips … Read more

Caravan Awning Types and Fitting Guides.


Caravan Awnings tend to be the crucial camping accessory. They make the concept of mobile homes much more comfortable and convenient. They are highly preferred by consumers for picnic purposes because of their feasibility and mobility. Broadly, there are two types of awnings available in the market. One is Awnings for Caravans and Awnings for … Read more

How to select and look after Caravan Batteries?


Caravans are becoming a popular alternative for people who are looking for a more relaxed and environmentally friendly way to travel. They have been around for hundreds of years but with advancements in technology, caravans have been able to go further and stay cool during the summer. Caravan batteries are essential when trying to reduce … Read more