Comfort in Style-Caravan Awning Types & Fitting Guide

Welcome to the world of comfort and style on the road! Caravan awnings have revolutionized the way we experience outdoor adventures, providing a cozy and functional extension to our beloved mobile homes.  Whether you seek extra living space, shade from the sun, or protection from the elements, we have you covered. Additionally, we’ll walk you through a fitting guide, ensuring a hassle-free setup so you can relax and enjoy your travels in style. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the perfect caravan awning that combines comfort and elegance for your next unforgettable trip.

Caravan Awnings tend to be the crucial camping accessory. They make the concept of mobile homes much more comfortable and convenient. They are highly preferred by consumers for picnic purposes because of their feasibility and mobility.

Broadly, there are two types of awnings available in the market. One is Awnings for Caravans and Awnings for Motorhomes the other. Caravan Awnings are available in almost every size in the market. It has varieties from a simple porch canopy to a touring awning.

Caravan Awning Types and Fitting Guides 2

Benefits of Caravan Awning:

Boon to Solo travellers:

Awnings are the perfect option and are highly preferred when it comes to traveling. Solo travelers find it a boon to carry awnings as it provides them with a mobile shelter and enough space to stay anywhere while on the trip.

Accurate for all Weather Conditions:

Awnings are manufactured in such a manner that ensures the safety of the tourist from all weather conditions, be it heavy rainfall, Australian summer, or icy winters. Awnings keep all your luggage and equipment safe from outside elements ensuring you a relief from the worry of your belonging and their safety.

Customization and Comfort:

You can personalize the awning space as per your needs and convenience. You can always give it a personal touch with some of your close or favorite stuff providing you with a sense of comfort.

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Awnings are completely personal spaces and ensure you complete privacy. The privacy level can be enhanced by adding some annex walls or a screen to it. It actually results in extra privacy making you more comfortable in your place.

Easy to set up:

Awnings have also been easier to get set up and can be even done by a solo traveler. It hardly takes around five minutes and minimal effort and your personal space is ready to comfortably make the stay.

Types of Caravan Awning:

Caravan Awning comes in various sizes and shapes but majorly there 3 of its kind, listed below:

Porch Awnings or Porch Canopy:

Porch Awning often called a porch canopy is smaller in size. It is majorly used for the doorways and entrances. They take hardly 15 minutes to get set up with very less effort.

Porch awnings are feasible and can easily fit any of your caravans with one of the biggest advantages being that if you change your caravan in certain years, there Is a high possibility that the same porch awning can still fit it. Also, if you are carrying a pet, it could provide a good shelter to it without any hindrance to your privacy and comfort.

Combi Awnings:

Combi Awnings are certainly a part of an awning rail. It’s not mainstream and certainly not to be called a crucial part of the caravan. Yet, if you are out on a day holiday or a short span then it could be a great option to carry combi awnings. It provides you extra space if you have any plan of barbeque or you intend to carry small dining or your bike. These things can easily be kept at combi instead of placing them into your caravan and giving up a lot of your precious space out of it.

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Full Awnings:

Full Awnings, as the name suggests, are larger in size and provide comparatively larger space to stay into. If you are on a family vacation or have been on a trip with a lot of your friends altogether, then full awnings are the best fit for your traveling experience.

Though it takes a comparatively long time to get set up and also requires two people at the least for setting up the same, it’s always worthwhile. Because, full awnings provide you with such a space, which can be utilized as a full-fledged full-fledged with beds and accommodations easily carried into it. People are even seen setting up cars in it, it has that much space.

Fitting Guide for Caravan Awnings:

Setting up an awning can be tricky for the first time but the details listed below will take away all of your worries at once.

Factors like weather, geographic region, space, size, and type of awnings are what require a little attention when it comes to setting up Caravan Awning.

Caravan Awning Types and Fitting Guides 3

Measurements: The Integral Factor

It is crucial to know the exact measurement of the awnings in order to get the best of the caravan. Once done with measurement, try to find as close to your measurements as possible.

For the same, you need to get the A measurement. ‘A Measurement’ is the math of the distance covered from the ground surface to the caravan railings till the top and coming back to the ground again. This will help you to get the best fit.

Practice: Doorway to Perfection

If you are new to Caravan Awnings, then it’s better if you make a certain practice of setting it up before you actually go for the trip. Once you have purchased it, practice setting it up at a home number of times as it will aid you in the long run.

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Once you have learned the skill, it will also save you time at the site keeping you away from the frustration or embarrassment you could have faced for not knowing the proper way to set it up. Also, you can make marks or put numbers on the railings amidst practice, this will also result in saving your time.

Assemble the Awning:

Attaching an awning to the caravan is an easy process. You just need to initiate from one point and come round to the end and secure it with bracket pads.

Brace the panel:

Once done with the roof and side awnings put zip to the remaining panel making your caravan complete. 

Caravan Awning Types and Fitting Guides 4


The final and crucial part is to peg all the corners and ends with the help of a hammer and needle. Prima facie, peg the nail halfway and check the tension of the fabric, once confident hammer the complete nail. Follow the same form throughout the awning and it’s done. You can now enjoy your trip!


The higher the quality awning you use, the easier the setup process will be. Caravan Awnings are very useful and can be utilized in the long run if maintained properly. It is convenient, suitable for all-weather conditions, comfortable, and convenient all at the same time. It is easily available in the market with varieties and ensures you a personalized experience with all the privacy.

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