How to Save Fuel – ECO Driving and Saving Tips


This is everybody favourite topic and for very good reasons. Fuel-saving techniques allow for lower travel costs with a boost towards a greener environment, so-called eco-driving methods.  With fossil fuel is ever so fluctuating, it’s imperative to make efforts to save every possible penny on the bills spent on fuel.  Multiple cars in a household … Read more

Safe Driving – How to Drive in Cold and Wet Conditions


Weather is a changing phenomenon, and with the greenhouse gases crisis flaring up, weather patterns are getting more and more unpredictable. Basically, we are going through a massive change in the overall climate of our planet and these weather patterns are just the tip of the iceberg of the drastic permanent changes to come. While … Read more

EV- What Are Electric Cars All About?


There is a lot of buzz about electric cars these days and rightly so, they are a fascinating opportunity for the future, which is meaningful and exciting. However,  fossil fuel-based internal combustion automobiles remain the primary means of transportation for urban human beings. In this article, we shall try to explore some of the terminology … Read more

Cost and Premium Reduction – Car Insurance Tips


Timing is very important, Plan it well before the deadline one of the starter for car insurance tips, You shall be surprised that something that simple and not so obvious can produce tangible results. The protocol is that you will start getting reminder emails from insurance vendors regards the deadline of insurance. You can honour … Read more

Car Insurance Tips – Cut down Premiums

Car Insurance Tips – Cut down Premiums

How often do you think your car insurance deal delivers you the money value and protection which is worthwhile in terms of legality and incident contingency management? if you are caught doing that, you are not alone. Car insurance is a matter of legal obligation more than anything else, regardless of the situation whether you … Read more