Efficient Car Maintenance-Improve the Vehicle’s Longevity

Maintaining your car isn’t just about keeping it looking good; it’s about ensuring its longevity and optimal performance over time. Efficient car maintenance is the key to unlocking the full potential of your vehicle, keeping it running smoothly for years to come. In this guide, we’ll explore essential maintenance tasks and expert tips to help you take care of your car like a pro. From routine inspections to proactive care, we’ll show you how a little effort today can lead to significant savings and a longer, healthier life for your beloved car. 

While everyone wants their car to last forever, in reality, it is not possible.  That being said, there are methods and car maintenance tips that you can apply, maintaining your car and improving driving methods, which will definitely help your car’s general state of affairs and make it last longer on the roads. Let’s not forget the average age of a car before it gets scrapped is less than 20 years however this is only an average. You can be the exception and below we are giving you some tips that will help you achieve this target.

Car Maintenance

Your Driving Style

This may not come as very obvious to you but you’re driving style heavily influences and dictates the wear and tear in your car engine and all the moving mechanical parts. The obvious examples of bad driving style are accelerating very hard, using excessive and ill-timed braking, riding on the clutch, or reading the engine, and using unsuitable gears at the wrong speed or at the wrong revs. This may come replies to you but just by my careful and considerate driving, you can greatly reduce the deterioration in the car and hence prolong the average time between the repairs.

Your Driving Style

Car Battery Upkeep

Car batteries are a very good starting point under the hood. If you intend to leave your car and garage on your driving for an extended period of time, then it becomes imperative to look after the car battery. Really it is as simple as starting your car and leaving it running for some period, at least once a week, ideally driving a car at least once in a week. That should alleviate your worries about the degradation of your car’s battery. If driving your car once a week is not possible then consider using trickle chargers connected to your car battery. We are all aware that battery jump starters can be used to start the car however it is believed that they put extra stress on the battery and the engine so it’s best to naturally keep the battery charged.

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Car Battery upkeep

Car maintenance – Filters are easy to change

There are various types of filters in the car including oil filters, air filters and pollen filters. All of these filters are regularly checked and if necessary, replaced at the designated service time however no one is stopping you to change the car filters in between servicing Times. Especially changing the air filter it’s pretty straightforward. These can be ordered over eBay or other notable car parts websites and can be fitted in a nice and straightforward fashion. Keeping your air filter teen and free of dust particles will make sure that the engine is getting enough air to burn the fuel in a proper air-fuel mixture. This will ensure that fuel efficiency is in the right zone and car emits fewer greenhouse gases.

car filter change

Air conditioning or open windows?

It is generally true that it’s more efficient to drive your car with windows open as opposed to running your air conditioner to improve fuel efficiency. But there is a catch in it, not running your air conditioner for an extended period of time may result in gas leaks which will eventually mean a re-gassing trip to the appropriate garage. We all understand that running your air conditioners result in lower fuel efficiency but it’s probably better than a visit to a local garage to fix your broken air conditioner. This statement is even true in winter conditions. Make sure you run the air condition regularly to avoid any gas leaks and air conditioner-related issues.

Car maintenance -Keep an eye on the Tyres

We have mentioned it in preview blogs as well and can’t say it enough that tyres are the most important part of the car’s overall safety. Keep checking them as much as possible, give them a quick go every time you start driving somewhere distant and check them more thoroughly once a week. Check for tyre pressure and any bulges or tears in the tyres. Over-pressurized or under-pressurized car tyres,  both are hazardous conditions and should be avoided.

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Drive Light

Fuel economy or miles per gallon is inversely proportional to the weight of your car, the heavier the car less is fuel economy. Make sure that you’re not dragging extra weight or luggage in the car all the time. Aerodynamics also plays a very important role in fuel economy. Roof bars and luggage carriers will increase the air drag at higher speeds especially and will impact fuel economy. Have them uninstalled if you don’t need them as they will impact fuel economy on your daily drives.

Car maintenance – Rust Prevention

Rest is Enemy number one for the bodywork and the undercarriage or the Chassis especially if you are living near the coast. Keep an eye on your car’s bodywork and paint and if you notice any marks or paint damage get it repaired as soon as possible. If you cannot take your car for bodywork repair as soon as possible, then at least use a light coating of paint for temporary protection. You can have your chassis or undercarriage professionally rustproof and coated by approved garages. Bear in mind that once rust gets hold then it’s difficult to stop and often too expensive and simply not cost-efficient. In most cases, the vehicle will be a write-off.

Rough Patches and Potholes

Potholes can be killers to the car’s mechanical system. If you come across one unfortunately it can wreck up your car’s suspension system in a pretty bad way. There is never a guarantee that you will not come across one while you’re driving somewhere, as the weather conditions always change and the wear and tear in the tarmac can compound that bad situation to the worst. Always watch out for potholes even though you may be driving on the road that you have driven on 100 times. If you come across a pothole or damaged road section which is big enough and deep enough it can render your car instantly not derivable and potentially unsafe. The worst part is that in most cases you will have to bear the responsibility of repairing yourself as it will be hard to find and prosecute the official body who is looking after the roads.

Car maintenance -Misuse of Clutch and Brakes

We have discussed the use of brakes and clutch in the above section however it is worth mentioning here as well. Do not put your foot constantly on the clutch as some people had the Habit. It will wear down your clutch prematurely and you will be looking at a very hefty repair bill. A lot of people have the habit of controlling the car’s speed by pushing the clutch for extra control with gas, also called riding on the clutch, although it is allowed and gives you more control again it will wear down your clutch prematurely. As for brakes, try not to use them at the last minute as some people do, give yourself ample time and use them gently if possible.

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Clutch and Brakes

Car maintenance -Fuel Tips

Some of us have the habit of driving down vehicles to the last drop in the fuel tank. Now, this is alright if you do it once or twice but if you keep doing it, it will affect the performance of your car by flooding down all the debris which is sitting in the bottom of the fuel tank and running it through the fuel injectors and engine. We highly recommend that you do not run your vehicles all the way to the point when the low fuel warning is flashing on the dashboard. Try to make sure that you have at least a quarter to half tank fuel all the time available in your car. We also highly recommend that if possible, use higher-grade fuel in your car. It is going to be expensive but in the long run, is going to be very good for the health of your engine and the fuel injection system. If you don’t want to refill your time every time with expensive fuel will come and that you, do it every few thanks which again allows for fuel system clean-up and service.

Car Fuel Tips


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