Leisure Travel – Top 6 Best Value MotorHomes in Business Today

The motorhome has been in use for decades. What is not widely known about this industry is that these vehicles have come a long way since their invention. The motorhome is a recreational vehicle that is equipped with living facilities, appliances, and other features to give the traveler all the comforts of home.

So, If you’re looking to buy one for yourself, then there are some motorhome brands you can blindly trust.

JCBL PLA Motorhome

JCBL Travel is offering its second installment in the PLA Motorhome line. The new JCBL PLA-2 Motorhome features a unique, sleek design with an updated interior and upgraded technologies. JCBL offers this appealing new model to give customers better value for their money. 

This unit meets all the needs of anyone who wants to travel for business or leisure purposes without having to worry about being caught in a traffic jam or going through security checks. The JCBL PLA Motorhome has everything you need for a comfortable stay at an affordable price which makes it one of the best values on the market today.

Salient Features

  • They offer big savings on the purchase of a JCBL PLA-2 Motorhome with many options to customize your unit throughout the year.
  • This Motorhome has an impressive exterior and interior that can accommodate four passengers, including an onboard bathroom and kitchenette. 
  • You can also enjoy outdoor activities while still in the comfort of your own home since this is built to be able to handle up to 4 tons in weight capacity.

Average Cost – $26,500

Rental Resourceshttps://motorhome.co.in/ 

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Terra Home Car From PCP Motors

PCP Motors is widely known as one of the best-value car dealerships in the country. They have got a wide selection of high-quality homes in a range of styles and materials for any budget, with the Terra Home Car being their latest offering to the residential market.

A fully-loaded Terra Home Car at the PCP Motors dealership is sure to provide you with a cozy and comfortable ride on your journey. The reasonable price combined with a luxurious interior makes this one of the best values in the market today.

Salient Features 

  • It offers cozy spaces, stylish furnishings, and innovative technology which will bring you great comfort anywhere you go.
  • Providing efficient transportation with its value-for-money turbocharged engine.
  • The Terra Home Car is an innovative and unique design with an emphasis on quality and performance. 

Average Cost – $42,998

Rental Resourceshttps://www.sundayguardianlive.com/cover-story/4420-make-room-motorhomes  


DC Design’s Isuzu Chassis-Based Motorhome

DC Design has a range of motorhomes to fit different needs, but their Isuzu chassis-based Motorhome is their best value option. DC Design is one of the best-known and most respected manufacturers of motorhome chassis based in Isuzu. 

Their chassis are used to produce coach-built luxury homes, from luxury homes on a budget to large-scale resorts and recreation parks. The company’s innovation continues with their latest model – the TRX Motorhome Series 2 – which features an innovative rooftop tent that turns into a bedroom when you’re done with it!

Salient Features 

  • It is a family-friendly motorhome that can fit eight adults and two children. 
  • It has four slide-outs, a private bedroom for the parents, and three bathrooms for the kids. 
  • It has excellent creature comforts like keyless entry, LED lighting, climate control, automatic levelling exterior mirrors and front LED headlights.
  • DC Design also offers a range of accessories for consumers, including rooftop tents, outdoor cooking systems, RV fitness centers, and more.
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Average cost – $4331

Rental Resources https://dir.indiamart.com/impcat/caravan-rental.html 

  • Chintamani Motors’ Eicher-Based Motorhome

Chintamani Motors is a leading manufacturer of motorhomes and this Best Value Eicher-based motorhome was awarded Best Value Motorhomes in Business today. It has been offering the best-in-class products for over 70 years, with a tradition of manufacturing premium quality affordable products.

Salient Features 

  • This model is powered by a 6.2 liter, V12 engine and can sprint to 100 kilometers per hour in just 16 seconds. 
  • It has a two-zone air conditioning system, a customized interior that suits the needs of families, and an exterior design with chrome accents.

Average Cost – $13,000

Rental Resourceshttps://motorhome.co.in/ 

Executive Modcar Trendz Tata Bus-Based Motorhome

Tata Bus-based motorhome is one of the most popular choices amongst businesses today because they are versatile, affordable, and durable. These benefits make Tata Bus-based motorhomes ideal for any type of business or team.

Executive Mod Tata Bus-based motorhome is a move away from the luxury status quo and into budget accommodation, with the best value for money, you can find.

This weekend, head to the next level of your lifestyle with a sleek new bus-based motorhome. From this coveted executive mod Tata Bus-based motorhome with the latest technologies that will give you the most modern conveniences.

Salient Features 

  • Businesses and tourism executives are becoming more and more interested in trailers as an alternative to motorhomes. 
  • A trailer offers easy transportability, cost-effective operation, and flexible living space for a business for both short-term and long-term use. 
  • With these pros, the market is now flooded with options. 
  • Individuals can also find car-based trailers that offer unique styling that makes them a one-of-a-kind home on wheels.
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Average Cost – $96672

Rental and Resourceshttps://www.asiantraveltrade.in/tata_executive_mini_coach.php 

Adria Twin Sports 640 SG

You can give Adria the credit for inventing the active lifestyle van. For a decade, they’ve been putting out one great model after another. The Twin range offers an unbeatable combination of flexibility and practicality wrapped around in a compact campervan. But that’s not its only purpose, the van can also be used as a daily commuter. This van is built for young, active families who want to spend their time exploring the outdoors. 

Salient Features 

  • It operates on the 6.4-meter Fiat Ducato platform and the Twin includes four belted travel seats and four berths.
  • Two of these berths are at the end of the van, and the other two are at the rising ‘pop-top’ roof extension. 
  • You get a compact washroom, a basic kitchen, and more features. 

Average Cost – $76373

Rental and Resourceshttps://mycamper.ch/en/camper-brands/adria 

Final Words

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this blog and the next time you visit anywhere choose any one of the above. Choose as per your budget and specific needs because all the Motor Homes are highly rated and popular among travelers.